Selected Artists

After a long selection and extensive installation process we are finally in the position to conclude the lists of artists who we were able to invite to become part of the exhibition “Doing and Undergoing”. From an overwhelming number of elaborate, distinguished and thoughtful submissions we could sadly only pick a few. We want to apologize to the artists who took the time and the effort that we were unable to acknowledge your proposals properly or where we failed to get back to you earlier; thank you all very much for your beautiful concepts and meaningful ideas. – We are looking forward to other opportunities  in the future. In the meantime we will continue to update this website with opening dates, visitor information, images and accompanying events.

Adams, Mac
Albertini, Bill
Camnitzer, Luis
Carroll, Mary Ellen
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Daniels, Katherine
Daving, Kara
Dudek, Peter
Gjergji, Helidon
Golici, Ana
Knight, Nicholas
Michalios, Vikki
Pardo, Jorge
Partenheimer, Moritz
Puno, Risa
Rees, Michael
Rudelius, Julika
Ruggeri, Gina
Solberg, Dan & Jake Cruzen
Tiazzoldi, Caterina & Eduardo Benamor Duarte
Tiscornia, Ana
Wührer, Monika